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The majority of businesses globably and within New Zealand have websites and use email for communication with customers and suppliers.

Finding these businesses on the internet is like trying to find a needle in a haystack....until Now!! has been created as an online directory of New Zealand Businesses. This SearchEngine is accessed globally by customers with ease due to our unique name and domain specific for New Zealand Businesses.

We accept both FREE and Chargeable Ads from all New Zealand Businesses and Global Businesses who wish to trade within New Zealand.

Globaly businesses utalise SearchEngines as means of marketing and presenting their business and website to a wide audience of people searching for goods or services.

Businesses list into this SearchEngine with either a Free or Chargeable advertisement to appear in the search results pages.

This is an ideal place to advertise and promote your business to the thousands of people visiting this site to search for businesses, goods and services available within New Zealand.

The free and chargeable ads can be edited by the advertiser after registration at any time using the Edit button, password protected to ensure that the information presented is up-to-date and secure.

Free ads are displayed below all other chargeable ad formats and these customers receive an automated email every month with a link to enable them to upgrade to a chargeable ad format.

Chargeable ad formats are available from $7.95 + GST per year and are listed in the order of ad type and registration date per category. These various ad formats display more company information, some display logos, can have have email or website links or links to virtual mall.

The sooner you add in your business, the better your position within the results pages. Improve your ad type to get the higher position in the results pages.

Chargeable ad customers receive automated emails after 11 months to renew their subscription online for the next year. If the ad is not renewed by the due date the ad format reverts automatically to the Free ad format and placement within the results list is lost.

Chargeable and free ad customers can upgrade their ad during the year to improve their placement within the searchengine search results pages. This is very useful to re-gain priority placement if a competitor takes a higher ad to move ahead of your placement. is a division of the Company Limited which operates the virtual mall of for the promotion and marketing of businesses and e-commerce retailing within New Zealand. These two website databases are linked.

This means that to obtain priorty placement within the business has to rent a shop within the virtual mall. The annual charge may be more than a standard ad but included in the price is several prominant links which makes this an affordable business investment. The payments can be made monthly or annually in advance.

With Shop rental the business receives the priorty placement within the results pages, the rented shop within the virtual mall of with another direct link to the website, the shop can have the business name in text format or display the company logo or an image of a product or service offered, the editable mouse roll-over-text which appears as a shopper moves their mouse over the shop. The direct link from the shop to the businesses website and a banner ad when supplied is loaded into the automated company banner management system to randomly displayed on the page headers of all of the companies divisions homepages. All of this for only $20.00 or $30.00 + GST per week.

Other advertising available includes banner ads, buttons, links from the sites homepages and links from the Other Sites drop down menu.

For further information regarding advertising email your request to

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$5,200.00 + GST per year
($100.00 + GST per week)

Market your company on this site....providing effective, affordable online marketing solutions.